PROJECT CHALLENGES: Our project challenges are the existing workplace was quite a mess with the arrangement of working space and furniture all over the place. The circulation was overlap with the storage space that makes the room not efficient for work. The airflows was really bad, since all window openings was not functional so the working condition became unhealthy sometimes. Natural lighting was also a concern as a lot of stuff blocking the sun light that comes through the window. SPESIFIC SOLUTIONS: The first concept is to rearrange all of the workplace to be more efficient and have a clear circulation flow. This would allow for a more conducive and better working experience. Rearrangement will include all the desks and furnitures, also partitions and glasses dividing the room. Other task is to make the storage system more efficient, as they have many paper works and documents, but were scattered all over the place. Second concept is to make all the windows and openings functional again. There are two main objectives for this, one is to make the air circulation flow better, two is to let the natural sunlight to come in and brighten the rooms efficiently without using too many artificial ones. We designed all the furnitures to be more compact. Working desks are integrated with the storage system, while the storage system also functions as the partitions and dividers. This would make the limited space usage more efficient, while also decreasing construction cost. Aside from the treatment of natural lighting, a new system of artificial lighting is also applied. The new system allows a much reduced energy consumption, by rearrangement of the lighting spots and groupings. Transparent glasses partition also help distribute both the natural and artificial light.
  Jawa Barat
  500jt - 1m

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