PROJECT CHALLENGES: The CEO of OMEOO asked us to design an office that would represent OMEOO’s work ethic and philosophy as a creative agent. A workplace that feels fun and enjoyable to work in, but at the same time would spark inspiration, creativity, and diligence of the workers. The initial challenges of the process was the requirement of a lot of space in a relatively small place. On that relatively small place, we need to include reception and two meeting room on the first floor, the CEO room and working space for more than ten people on the second floor, then another working space on the third floor. Also, in every floor we need to provide an entertainment space for the worker to chill and rest while they get bored on doing their task. SPESIFIC SOLUTIONS: The first thing we do is to create a minimum space that still comfortable for doing any activity of this limited space, so everything need to be very efficient. Luckily, since OMEOO is a Paperless Office, the usage of storage in this one minimalizes the needs of a lot of shelves, drawers, and cabinets. This provides us an opportunity to focus the spatial usage to a more comfortable workplace with more interesting decorations and designs. Working space are designed to be very efficient to make the most of the limited space. Each worker doesn’t have the luxury of private desk, instead each of their own space are arranged equally across a long table. If they want, workers are able have the luxury to work in the relaxing area with sofas and coffee table. Such way will not limit the workers to choose their own comfortable way to work. We also put small plants in several spots and on some wall parts we collaborate with graffiti artist to make some creative and interesting work of art that match the working experience the owner wanted. Creating joy full and exciting workplace that is also efficient and productive
  DKI Jakarta
  500jt - 1m

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