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Home Gym Design Inspiration, Indoor and Outdoor!


Here are 7 Home Gym Design References.

During the past pandemic, going to the gym or other sports facilities was avoided by many people. To ensure you don't skip your workouts and maintain a regular exercise routine, why not create your own at home? Let's take a look at some home gym design inspirations below!


Exercise is an essential activity for humans. Nowadays, more and more people are aware of the importance of keeping themselves physically active. This is done to maintain health and fitness. A home fitness room design can be a solution for those who want to exercise at home and need a dedicated space. Even a golf course can be created in your private residence!

1. Compact Pilates Room in the House.


A small room in your home can be used as a simple exercise area. The key to making the room feel more spacious is to install a wide mirror on one of the walls. A large wall mirror can help you monitor your body during activities. Additionally, add simple equipment such as dumbbells, a Pilates ball, and a non-slip mat.

2. Simple Home Gym Design.


If you enjoy exercising with fitness equipment, create a dedicated room for it. Treadmills, stationary bikes, and weightlifting equipment can be placed in a designated room. Ensure that the equipment's placement does not obstruct your movement.

3. Relaxing Yoga Room Design.


For those who enjoy practicing yoga, you don't necessarily need a dedicated room due to its minimalistic equipment requirements. However, if you want a more peaceful atmosphere, it's recommended to decorate the room with calming elements. Adding aromatherapy oils and a room cooler can help you focus and relax during your yoga sessions.

4. Indoor Running and Cycling Area.


Running or cycling indoors doesn't have to be boring if you know how to set it up. You can enhance your gym room with a television or a music player to enjoy while working out. Don't forget to provide towels and mats for wiping off the sweat.

5. Compact Swimming Pool Area.


Even a small yard can be equipped with a simple, square-shaped swimming pool. This design allows for efficient use of space while maximizing the pool's functionality for exercise purposes. Despite its small size, a minimalist home like this can still be used for exercise, thanks to the use of swim jets or overflow systems that create a strong current. No matter how fast you swim, it will take a while to reach the edge of the pool.

6. Home Basketball Area Design.


For this area, you'll need a relatively large space. You can utilize your front or backyard to create a minimalist basketball court. Simply add a basketball hoop to the back or front of your house, and your weekend activities will become more exciting!

7. Mini Golf Area Inside the House.


For golf enthusiasts, consider replicating the design shown above. You don't need a very large space for this. Simply cover the floor with synthetic grass, add a net at the end of the room, or apply a golf course mural to create the right atmosphere. This area can also be used to store all your golf equipment, such as golf bags, clubs, and balls.

There are many more design references available online. Happy searching for the best design for your home exercise area!

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