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7 Easy Tips to Create a Minimalist Dining Room


Although it may not be the main room in a house, the interior design of the dining room still deserves attention. This space is not only used for eating but also serves as a gathering place for family.

Creating a dream dining room design that is comfortable does not always require a complicated design. Simple and functional furniture styles can make the interior look more contemporary. You can also save on costs. Check out some inspirations for a minimalist and comfortable dining room design below.

  1. Choose Monochromatic Colors

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    To give a luxurious impression, you can use simple black and white furniture sets. Whether it's a black table combined with white chairs and walls or vice versa. This monochrome design is not only simple but also easy to apply. This style can give a classy impression, especially in a modern minimalist room.

  2. Use Wood Materials

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    Scandinavian-style home decor is increasingly popular nowadays. One of the hallmarks and essential elements of Scandinavian decoration is the use of wood materials. Wood elements can provide a warm atmosphere in your dining room. The combination of wood with metal and rattan can also give unique details. Don’t forget to add some plant decorations to make the room feel more refreshing and serene.

  3. Maximize Natural Lighting

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    Who would have thought that the aesthetic value of a room can come from simplicity? You can create a comfortable and beautiful room design by prioritizing simplicity in its design. To make the design more perfect, maximize the room's design with good natural lighting and bright interior color choices to make the room look more spacious. This method can make the room feel less boring. You can also save energy and budget because you don’t need additional lighting during the day.

  4. Combine the Kitchen and Dining Room

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    Have limited space? It’s a good idea to combine the dining room and kitchen design to make the house feel more spacious. This not only saves space but also reduces the cost you need to create your dream room design. With a reduced budget for room dividers, you can also save on decorating costs by minimizing the use of room decor. You only need to apply some interior decorations that can be felt by the two rooms with different functions and activities.

  5. Add Accessories

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    Plants and fresh flowers are decorative additions that can make the room look more comfortable, bright, fresh, and not stiff. Additionally, you can also add a bowl of colorful fresh fruit that can double as room decoration. Don’t forget to decorate the walls by adding photos, paintings, or just a mirror to add cheerfulness to the room.

  6. Dominate with White Color

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    Clean white always successfully makes the room look simple yet still beautiful and attractive. The room will look neat because of the placement and selection of dining room furniture that is not excessive. You will also get a spacious and roomy impression due to the effect of the applied white color.

  7. Use Eames Style Chairs

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    This chair is indeed synonymous with Scandinavian design style. It has wooden legs with a plastic chair body. Its shape is very unique and reflects a modern impression that fits the distinctive Scandinavian style. Despite its simple design, this chair still looks contemporary.

By following these tips, you can create a minimalist dining room that is stylish and comfortable for your family gatherings.

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