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How to Organize the Kitchen to Make It Look Neat and Comfortable for Cooking.



Here's how to organize your kitchen to make it look neat and clean. Follow each step to create a comfortable atmosphere for your activities. It's true that the kitchen is a part of the house that is rarely exposed like the living room. However, it's still essential to know the proper way to arrange your kitchen. A tidy and clean kitchen is more pleasant, especially if you enjoy cooking. Additionally, it ensures more hygienic meal preparation.

On the contrary, a messy kitchen will make you uncomfortable. Harmful disease-causing bacteria will inevitably stick to the cooking utensils used. But how can you organize a small kitchen simply? Organizing a spacious kitchen with a complete kitchen set might be easy, but what about a compact kitchen?

1. Sort the Items in Your Kitchen.


Try to take another look at the items in your kitchen. Are all of them suitable to be there, or are there some that can be moved elsewhere? Perhaps there are old cardboard boxes that can be discarded, or shopping bags that can be placed in a different area. Additionally, you can store guest glasses in a cupboard. If there are pots, kettles, and bowls that are rarely used, it's best to remove them from your small kitchen. Store them under the bed or stairs. Ensure that the items you store are frequently used. This minimalist kitchen organization method will surely create a more spacious and less stuffy atmosphere.

2. Categorize Kitchen Tools.


How about sorting the items in your kitchen? If you're done with that, the next step is to categorize the items you keep there. Kitchen tools are divided into several types, such as eating utensils (spoons, forks, plates, and glasses) and cooking utensils (frying pans, spatulas, pots, knives, and cutting boards). It's advisable to keep cooking utensils close to the stove. However, keep mugs, spoons, forks, plates, bowls, cups, and so on away from there. This kitchen organization step is taken to keep eating utensils clean and free from contamination. It will also make the cooking process more manageable.

3. Place Large Cooking Tools Below.


Storing large cooking tools like kettles or jumbo pots takes up a lot of storage space. Therefore, it's best to store these items at the bottom of the kitchen table. Then, you can use the empty space on these large cooking tools to store smaller items or kitchen tools. You can also utilize cabinet doors to store items like pot lids by hanging or adding hangers.

4. Maximize the Drainage Pipe Area.


Another way to organize your kitchen tools is to maximize the area around the sink and drainage pipe, which is often overlooked. The drainage pipe has a winding shape, making it seem difficult to utilize. However, it can be worked around by creating U-shaped storage. The empty space there can be used to store kitchen cleaning items such as cleaning cloths, dishwashing sponges, soap, brushes, and so on. Yes, organizing a small and simple kitchen does require creativity. You need to have many ideas about which spaces can be maximized.

5. Prepare Special Drawers for Trash.


For those who have large cabinets, create two special drawers to separate organic and inorganic waste. This simple kitchen organization makes the room cleaner and more hygienic. This is because the separate drawers keep away flies. Dirty insects won't come because the waste disposal location is covered. However, don't forget to dispose of the trash regularly to prevent it from rotting.

6. Utilize Built-in Cutting Boards.


A kitchen without a kitchen set is not a problem because there are many ways to organize your kitchen items to make it neater. Next, create built-in cutting boards. You can make a cutting board with built-in furniture concepts on top of the previously made trash can drawers. This makes cutting anything more accessible. You don't have to carry the cuttings to the trash can, which is far away. It's recommended to create a large cutting board to make cutting more comfortable.

7. Increase the Number of Drawers in the Kitchen.


Having a kitchen set certainly makes the kitchen organization process easier and minimizes clutter in this area. However, if you don't have one, just increase the number of drawers. Drawers make it easier to categorize kitchen tools according to their types. Using drawers is more recommended than regular plate racks. This is because when using racks, kitchen tools that are rarely used tend to be stored in the deepest part of the rack. With drawers, you can easily reach them. Those are eight ways to organize a kitchen without a kitchen set. Hopefully, these kitchen tips are helpful and can make your home's interior more beautiful and organized.



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