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Indoor Swimming Pool Design Inspirations Worth Trying


From what we often know, swimming pools are usually located outside the house. But what if the swimming pool is located inside the house? Curious about how it would be, right? Well, here are some indoor swimming pool design inspirations that you might want to consider when you want to create a pool in your home.


1. Semi-Open Swimming Pool

The first design is suitable for those who want to have direct sunlight. You can create a swimming pool at the edge of your home so that it gets direct sunlight in the morning and afternoon. Also, consider your purpose. If it's just for relaxation, there's no need to make the pool too large. If it's for swimming, then you can make a larger pool.


2. Indoor Swimming Pool in the Bedroom

The second design is suitable for those who want a private pool. Because only the owner of the room can access it and grant permission to enter. Usually, a swimming pool in a bedroom is only used for relaxation. However, it all depends on individual preferences and purposes.


3. Long Indoor Swimming Pool

This design is perfect for swimming enthusiasts due to its elongated shape inside the house. It doesn't require excessive width but needs a sufficiently long space.


4. Swimming Pool Located in the Middle of the House 

Having a swimming pool inside the house is also quite interesting. This design is suitable for those who want to avoid being exposed to the sun while swimming. You can realize this design by placing it near the living room or kitchen.


5. Basement Swimming Pool

If you're running out of space in the house, a basement swimming pool is the solution. You can utilize your basement to create a swimming pool and even a gym – quite intriguing, isn't it?


6. Swimming Pool with Glass Windows

The last design is equally impressive. You can still enjoy the outside view even if the swimming pool is indoors. You can create the pool at the side of the house and install glass windows to enjoy the surrounding view.



So, those were some indoor swimming pool inspirations that you can try. You can get creative with the placement of the swimming pool that suits your preferences. So, are you interested in trying one of the inspirations above?


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