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Exterior Design Inspiration for a Two-Story House


The exterior design model can create a unique style impression while making an energy-efficient home for the environment. Especially when combined with the currently popular minimalist house design.

Minimalist design itself is characterized by a clean, tidy look, and is guaranteed to be conducive to mental and physical health.

A minimalist exterior can create a modern style that embodies an economical and eco-friendly home.

Are you looking for a Minimalist Two-Story Exterior Design?

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  1. Uniform Facade Design

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This uniform facade model has a very unique, elegant, and simple appearance.

This house features only a few window coverings, a simple door, and the same color scheme.

  1. Simple Roof Design

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A roof design with lines creates a simple and low profile that provides an appealing visual.

The low-pitched roof design can reduce long-term house maintenance costs.

  1. Harmonious Asymmetrical Design

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Applying color elements that are in harmony can create visual depth, making residents feel comfortable when looking at the exterior.

  1. Beautiful Geometric Design

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This look often includes shapes, volumes, and geometric lines combined with different materials.

Geometric lines have a distinct and natural texture, producing visual appeal for the exterior of a minimalist two-story house.

  1. European Style Design

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In contrast to the uniform facade look, the European model uses many windows as ornaments.

The color scheme is predominantly white or similar shades, making the house's exterior visually appealing and giving a compact exterior volume impression.

These are some inspirations for the Exterior Design of a Minimalist Two-Story House. We hope this article helps and is beneficial!

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