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Arrangement of a 33 Square Meter Apartment Room that Makes the Residence Feel Airy and also Bright

This apartment in Taipei, Taiwan is quite unique and interesting. This small one-room room is simply designed with a choice of white and calm wood colors. Of course, this color selection gives the room a more spacious and clean appearance.

This apartment room is located on the 12th floor of a residential tower in Taipei. The room size of 33 square meters is an example of a mini residence in the middle of a metropolitan city, suitable for those who are busy working. The busy work schedule certainly makes this apartment a comfortable and relaxing place to rest.

Its neutral design means it can be rented out to women or men. Inside there is one room with a floor divided by a mezzanine. The three floors of this residence have an open design where the area is adjusted to the floor space.

The ground floor is used as a reception area. There is a comfortable sofa seat with a round coffee table. This floor is quite spacious, where there is only a living room which is also used as a relaxing area.

When entering the living room, visitors will immediately see the circulation of the stairs to the bedroom area or to the service area downstairs as well as the glass window with a view of the surrounding environment. The books are stored on grid box shelves that become one part of the wall.

The circulation stairs designed to the upper or lower floors do not obscure the overall visual of the residence. The white stairs in this residence can also be shifted so that the shelves next to the stairs can function properly. The mezzanine also makes the room feel more effective and minimalist. Light from the bedroom can also be reflected into the living room.

Although the room is open throughout, the division of zones is still felt due to the different colors and materials on the floor. On the ground floor, the wood material is very pronounced which then turns into white ceramic flooring on the lower floors.

Downstairs, there is a dining area with a kitchen located in the wooden cabin. Both the dining table and chairs are made to match and harmonize with the entire residence. The table and chairs are located close to the staircase, allowing the staircase to be used as an extra chair if guests come to the apartment. The bathroom is also available on this floor, which is separated by a sliding door.

The bathroom is designed with white ceramic tiles with pink lines that give the appearance of a spacious space. The white color also gives a clean impression in the bathroom. The black shower pipe and sink give an elegant impression to the bathroom. This spacious bathroom design certainly provides a comfortable bathing experience for its residents.

The bedroom is located on the upper mezzanine floor. This room area is also exposed due to the absence of a dividing partition. An iron railing surrounds the outer side of the room to make it safer. The room is also equipped with a wardrobe, a mattress, and a nightlight for the night. There is also a window at the end of the room so that natural light can enter the room.

The room feels spacious thanks to the arrangement of the furniture and the overall color of the room. Not too many items provide more space in the house. So, does this design inspire you to organize your house or apartment?

source: dezeen

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