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Smart Furniture to Save Space in the Home


Smart furniture is a way for designers to save space and utilize furniture for various activities. With smart furniture, we don't have to bother buying a lot of household items. With just a few furniture, the activities in the house can be maximized. Here are some unique smart furniture that you must have.

1. Foldable bed

This foldable bed has another function behind it. After being joined to the wall, the room becomes more spacious and can be used as a workspace.

2. Floor as a wardrobe

This bed that is raised from the floor is unique in its own way. Apart from the aesthetics in the bedroom, it turns out that there are other functions of the floor. Not only is the bed more spacious, these wooden floors have hidden doors that can be opened. From clothes to your personal belongings can be stored and not many people know about it.

3. Multifunctional sofa

This sofa itself has a pretty simple design. It is placed in the corner of the room close to the shelves that are part of the smart furniture. Not only two functions, but also three functions at once. Suitable for you who live in a house or apartment that has a small space. Apart from being a sofa, it can also function as a dining room seat and also a mattress.

4. Minimalist tv cabin

This wall TV placed in a flat bookshelf is very unique. When the shelf door is closed, the flatness of the TV will be the same as the flatness of the shelf so that it creates a broad impression.

5. Multi-purpose table

The guest table is identical to the short size and not higher than the guest who is sitting. Of course, it will be different from the size of the work table or dining table. But with this furniture, you don't need to worry about the height of your table. Part of the table can be raised so you can do activities according to your needs. In addition, this table can also function as a storage area.

6. From sofa to bunk bed

This furniture can be a solution for those of you who are often visited by your friends. When they want to stay over and you are confused about not having another bed, this sofa can be transformed into a bunk bed.

7. Shelf, table, and chair in one furniture

This furniture saves you a lot of space in your room. Not only as a shelf, but it can be extended into a table. The wooden chair is also stored inside the shelf so it doesn't waste space when you don't need it. The simple design and the wheels on the shelf legs make it easy to move this shelf to any room.

8. Unique table and chair in one place

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary sofa with colorful seat cushions. But behind all that, there is an extendable table and chair frames to put under the sofa cushion. So it is very space-saving when there are not many people in the room, this furniture can be just a sofa.

9. Hidden kitchen

This table looks ordinary like other decorative tables and shelves. But when needed, this shelf contains kitchen utensils and equipment. The design that disguises the function of this furniture is very interesting. With this one table, you don't need to expose your kitchen to others.

10. Multifunctional garden chair

This garden chair made of some wood looks ordinary. But the wooden boards that have been designed can be rotated following the axis so that they form different patterns and different functions as well.

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