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This Podcast Studio, Guaranteed to Make You Hooked!

Lately podcasts are becoming very popular YouTube content. Because from podcasts people can get information, learn new things or just find entertainment through YouTube videos.

To make a podcast, you don't need to be a public figure, anyone can make it. Because the most important thing is to have quality material that has been prepared. Then what fields are aimed at, for example educational content, entertainment, horror, politics, and others. The most important thing is to target a suitable audience (listener).

If you already have quality material ideas, of course you need a room for the podcast. A podcast room must be equipped with microphones, headphones, mixers, and materials to reduce sound. For other things besides these important components, it is necessary to pay attention to how the design is. Because in addition to comfort during on-air, an attractive podcast room design can also be its own selling point.

How to design an interesting podcast room? Let's see the inspiration through the following article.


1. Industrial Podcast Room

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Industrial is a design that is widely applied in various rooms such as homes, cafes, and this one podcast room. By using unfinished brick material. So that the use of this material gives the impression that the room is unfinished. To make an aesthetic impression, friends can add decorations in the form of frames containing quotes. An example of the design of this industrial podcast room is Deddy Corbuzer's podcast.


2. Japandi Podcast Room


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Japanese Scandinavian (Japandi) style is becoming a trend lately.You can apply this design to your podcast room.By using a lot of wooden elements in the room, but don't put furniture and decorations.The wooden backdrop on the wall also functions as a sound damper in this podcast room.By combining black and gray materials.This one style will make your podcast room look simple but contemporary.


3. Aesthetic Podcast Room

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The concept of aesthetic space is always not left behind and is suitable to be used as a podcast room design.To create an aesthetic impression, the wall color used must be neutral.Then equipped with neutral furniture as well as ornamental plant decorations.In addition, there is also a display of letter lights that add an aesthetic impression to the room.


4. Modern Minimalist Podcast Room

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The podcast room with a modern minimalist concept uses a combination of black, white and gray. The color combination makes this room seem calm, especially with a simple neon sign that makes a minimalist impression on this room.


5. Elegant Podcast Room

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This podcast room looks so elegant and luxurious. The walls use wall molding in white, gold, and emerald green. Then it is also equipped with black chairs and a beautiful chandelier with a simple shape.

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