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Tips for Choosing Bathroom Ceramic Patterns and Types.


Ceramic is one of the most familiar and commonly used interior materials. One of the spaces within a residence that is closely associated with the use of ceramics is the bathroom. However, due to its relatively small size and the constant moisture in the space, you need to understand tips for choosing bathroom ceramics.

To help you achieve the perfect bathroom design, let's take a look at the ways and tips for choosing bathroom ceramics below!

1. Match the Ceramic Size with the Space.


Ceramics come in a wide range of sizes, from very large ones like natural stone pieces to small ceramics commonly used to create mosaic patterns. Match these sizes with the dimensions of your bathroom. For larger bathrooms, minimize the use of ceramics that are too small. If you like small ceramic patterns, use them in specific areas as decorative elements. For small bathrooms, you can be more exploratory with the use of ceramic sizes. However, using large ceramics in small bathrooms can be very wasteful as there will be many ceramic pieces that will be cut and discarded.

2. Single Tone Colors.


Playing with colors can be fun. However, for an elegant bathroom, use ceramic colors that are harmonious even if they are different. If you want to introduce contrasting colors, utilize neutral tones like white and black as companions to neutralize the ambiance.

3. Understand the Difference between Floor and Wall Ceramics.


While the rough texture is suitable for floor ceramics, this only applies to the floor. For wall ceramics, you can explore more with various texture play, from smooth to textured. For wavy wall ceramics, pay attention to their placement because the waves or texture on the wall ceramics will affect the placement of hanging cabinets or glass dividers. Of course, if there are irregularities in furniture placement, it won't look perfect.

4. Pay Attention to Ceramic Texture.


Due to the frequent wet and humid conditions of bathroom floors, you need to pay attention to the texture of ceramics. Ceramics with a glossy and smooth surface can be more dangerous as they can make you slip. Choose bathroom ceramics with a rough texture so that it doesn't feel slippery even when wet. Opt for a size that's not too large to give a rough effect to the ceramic floor.

If you still want ceramics with a smooth texture, use them in dry areas. Don't forget to create a covered shower area with glass or a shower curtain so that water doesn't splash onto the slippery ceramic floor.

5. Explore the Selection of Ceramic Shapes and Installation.


Although ceramics are generally square-shaped, you can explore other shapes like rectangles or octagons. The installation can also be alternated. This will provide better variations in ceramic joints and ultimately create a less slippery floor texture.

6. Always Consider Maintenance.


When choosing bathroom ceramics, always consider maintenance. If you want clean white ceramic, place it in areas that are not exposed to dirt. Too many small ceramics will also create many grout joints. These grout joints will get dirty faster, so if you use too many small ceramics, it means there will be more areas to clean.


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