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Why Should You Buy Home Wallpapers & Paints Online?


Discover unusual canvas pictures in timeless and trendy designs online. Whether it's a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or children's room - find your favorites for your home. Quickly and easily transform your boring walls into a real eye-catcher with canvas pictures.


Your Space – Your Feel-Good Area

Would you like something a little bigger and extravagant?

Take a look at trendy photo wallpapers with unique motifs here and get inspired. All photo wallpapers are printed on a high-quality non-woven backing in the best color quality - in addition to a standard format, you can also order your photo wallpaper in your desired size to fit your wall.


You Can Buy the Right Wallpaper for Your Home Online

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We are your online specialist retailer for wallpapers, photo wallpapers, borders and everything related to wallpapering and wall design. With us you can discover the whole variety of wallpaper. Find trendy paper and non-woven wallpapers, design photo wallpapers in your desired format, find out how to attach wallpaper correctly and what things you should pay attention to when buying wallpaper. In addition to the huge selection of wallpapers, we also offer you the right cushions and canvas pictures for your individual style.

Buying wallpaper at is easy, safe and convenient. Find your favorite wallpaper with the sample service and order new designs for a fresh ambience in your home.


Buy wallpapers and paints online and make your living dreams come true!

Let's go, look for your dream wallpaper and take advantage of the advantages of our online shop: sample service, digital visualization, combination recommendations, tools & instructions and much more.

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Find the right non-woven wallpaper for the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Dare to try out the eye-catching designs of our photo wallpapers and turn your living room decor into an eye-catcher. Add accents with self-adhesive braids and borders for a children's room.

Wallpaper turns a bare room into a real living space. So make your place beautiful now and upgrade your apartment with wallpaper. See for yourself and design your home with the right wallpapers, photo wallpapers and more from various wallpapers website on the internet.


Why Should You Shop Online?

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You can easily buy new wallpaper online quickly and easily. Discover Wallmur classic paper, tree wall murals and non-woven wallpapers, modern photo wallpapers and the right decoration for your walls and a really beautiful home.

Just browse through Wallmur’s range of options and get the perfect wallpaper for your project. You can choose between patterned wallpaper and XXXL motifs for the wall. The most popular wallpaper designs are also available on our decorative cushions and the trendy photo wallpaper motifs as a small canvas picture.


What’s New: Shop Wall Paint Online

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Discover the endless possibilities of wall design with our new product line "The Color Kitchen" and "New Walls - Liquid Luxury". Add a touch of style and elegance to your home. Our high-quality wall paints offer an exceptional depth of color and create a luxurious ambience in any room. Whether you want to create a modern, vibrant kitchen or a relaxing bedroom, our paints will let your walls shine. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and transform your home into your individual oasis of well-being. Express your personal vision with "The Color Kitchen" and "New Walls - Liquid Luxury". Let your rooms blossom and impress your guests with a breathtaking Play of colors. Discover the incomparable quality and variety of our wall colors today!

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Wallpaper advice & the wallpaper shop wallpapering service

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When it comes to wallpaper and wallpaper pasting, you can find out everything you need to know from Wallmur. We have collected extensive information for you on our advice pages and presented it clearly. Here you can find out everything about the different types of wallpaper, from non-woven wallpaper, photo wallpaper or painter's fleece to fiberglass wallpaper.

We explain how wallpapering works and show how easy it is to successfully get wallpaper on the wall. We show which aids and tools you need, how to prepare the wall for wallpapering, which paste you should use and much more. You can find our articles on all topics relating to wallpaper and wallpapering under wallpaper advice.

Anyone can wallpaper! With our extensive knowledge of wallpaper, we are here to help. If you have a special query, we will be pleased to personally address it. You can reach out to Wallmur advising team by email, service hotline, or WhatsApp chat.

By the way, you can find it on our magazine and on the inspiration page. The shop has lots of other topics and information about wallpaper. In addition to decor ideas, style highlights and DIYs, there are detailed reports on special wallpaper innovations, such as self-adhesive wallpapers or magnetic wallpaper. Our editorial team also writes in the blog about special challenges when wallpapering and explains how to avoid the most common wallpapering mistakes and what tricks the professionals use to get perfect wallpapering results.

Regardless of whether you are a wallpaper beginner, an experienced DIY enthusiast or a professional, we will be happy to support you when purchasing wallpaper and beyond. We explain technical terms, give you information about the properties and certification of the products, inform you about processing methods and give you tips on everything from combination products to the effect of wallpaper in the room.


Inspiration & Community

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When it comes to wallpaper & interior design, we do everything we can to help you find the best wallpaper and the right style for your home.

If you don't yet know what kind of wallpaper suits you stylistically or you just want to see what's currently trendy and what other people like to wallpaper with, then just take a look at our Inspiration page or take a look at our magazine.

Here our team introduces you to the current topics and designs related to wallpaper. There are regular updates about new wallpaper collections, promotions, sales and competitions.

We also share decor ideas from Pinterest and you can also find all the important information about our offers on Facebook.




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