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6 Recommended Villas in Yogyakarta with Private Pool Facilities


Who's planning a vacation to Yogyakarta but unsure where to stay? Let's take a look at this article!

We will provide recommendations for villas with private pool facilities in Yogyakarta, specifically for you.

These villa recommendations are perfect for those of you vacationing to Yogyakarta with family or friends.


1. Villa Arusha Jogja

The first villa is located in Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. Villa Arusha is situated amidst rice fields, creating a serene atmosphere. This villa has 2 floors, and from the second floor, you can relax while enjoying the beautiful view of Mount Merapi.

This villa has 3 rooms with a capacity of 6 people. It's perfect for those who want to vacation with friends or family. Plus, it has a swimming pool facility that adds to the excitement.


2. Karabineri Villa Jogja

Karabineri Villa is located in Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The villa is situated by the rice fields. Although Karabineri Villa has a modern concept, the surrounding ambiance is very different as it's still rural.

This villa can accommodate up to 15 people, suitable for those who want to vacation with a group of friends or family. The fairly complete facilities are also a plus point for this villa.

Another plus point is the swimming pool and spacious yard, perfect for outdoor activities. Also, you can enjoy the view of the rice fields and river from the second floor.


3. Bohemian Jogja Villas

Bohemian Jogja Villas has a concept that resembles being in a Mediterranean beach area. The villa is dominated by white color with touches of wood, weaving, and macrame ornaments. The Bohemian style is very prominent, isn't it?

This villa offers various options and accommodates starting from 2 people. When booking this villa, you will also get a private pool facility.

You can experience the beach atmosphere when in the private pool, which is enclosed by curved glass doors from your bedroom. This villa is also suitable for those who always want to look trendy as it has many Instagrammable photo spots.


4. Villa Ruang Rindu Malioboro

Ruang Rindu Malioboro is located in Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta. Of course, the location is close to Malioboro, so you can walk to Malioboro from the villa.

This villa has 7 bedrooms and a maximum capacity of 25 people. It's a very large villa, isn't it? Perfect for those who want to vacation with a large family.

Of course, this villa has a swimming pool that you and your family can enjoy to the fullest. This villa also has 9 bathrooms, so no need to fuss about queuing for a shower.


5. Floraison Living Villa

Floraison Living adopts a minimalist concept. As we know, a minimalist concept means minimal use of items like furniture, decorations, and furnishings.

This villa has a dominant white color with touches of wooden furniture and ornaments, enhancing the minimalist and aesthetic impression. Thus, it will give a clean, tidy, and charming impression.

Floraison Living accommodates 4 people, and of course, the facilities are quite complete. You already have a private pool, a private kitchen, a relaxation area near the swimming pool, and more.


6. Suwatu Private Villa

Suwatu Villa is located on a hill, 195 meters high, with many interesting views to enjoy.

This villa has a private pool called an infinity pool. From this pool, you can enjoy a clear view of Prambanan Temple and Mount Merapi. From different positions, you can also see Mount Lawu and Mount Sumbing. Something very special, isn't it?

This villa can accommodate 6 people. Coupled with the view of the rice fields, it's very suitable for a vacation with family, friends, or even a honeymoon with a partner.


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