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Bedroom Window Model Inspirations


Here are some bedroom window model inspirations you can try!

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Windows are essential elements of a building, serving the important function of allowing light and air to enter.

In a building, windows are commonly found in dining rooms, main rooms, balconies, and even bedrooms.

Without windows, a bedroom can feel suffocating.

1. Sliding Bedroom Window

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Who says transom windows are just complements for other windows? You can have this type of window in your minimalist bedroom. An example is the industrial-Scandinavian style bedroom that exudes warmth.

2. Classic Bedroom Window

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This bedroom window model embraces a classic style.

This is evident from the use of wood in its design.

As the name suggests, classic windows remind us of the windows commonly used in older homes. However, classic window models are still found in some areas today, such as Yogyakarta and Bandung. 

3. Two-Leaf Wooden Motif Bedroom Window

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Wooden windows have their own appeal and offer a natural impression. That's why many people like to incorporate wood themes into their homes.

For example, they might use wooden flooring, wooden motifs on furniture, and even wooden window frames.

However, since windows are exposed to heat and rain, wood might not be the best solution as it requires maintenance.

4. Deep Sleeper Window

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For those who need a lot of sleep or are deep sleepers, a window model with tight closures is a suitable choice.

5. Sliding Door

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Apart from using windows, you can also use doors to provide air circulation and lighting in the bedroom area.

6. Arched Window

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This minimalist and Scandinavian-styled room showcases its unique aspect through the presence of arched and casement windows. Arched windows are often associated with Roman-style homes.

7. Hopper Window

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The hopper window is a type of window that opens in an inverted manner.

Instead of opening upwards, you open this window downward.

This type of window is well-suited for smaller bedrooms.

Hope this helps!


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