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Kitchen Design That Would Suit a Tiny Space

Many live in small apartments or houses because it's energy-efficient and requires little upkeep, but they often find the kitchen too cramped for their needs. Nonetheless, a small kitchen size shouldn't limit your creativity. Even with a little area, there are many things to be happy about and many kitchen design options to explore.

This article will discuss the challenges of working with a compact kitchen and offer suggestions for making the most of a tiny kitchen area.


Choose the Right Color Palette

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Having a brighter kitchen might make it feel more spacious. A small kitchen can feel larger using a light color palette for the walls, worktops, backsplash, and woodwork.

The United Kingdom's most popular paint color for the kitchen, living room, and bedroom has been named Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue, a deep blue shade.

In Australia, the most common interior paint colors are varieties of white, such as crisp white and whisper white. Many kitchen contractors can handle the repainting or resurfacing project for you. Reface Kitchens, for instance, offers resurfacing options that revamp the look and feel of your kitchen while preserving the current framework and using high-quality materials to upgrade it.

Meanwhile, among American homes, white continues to be the most preferred color for kitchen cabinets (41%), backsplashes (40%), and walls (32%).


Maximize Storage Space

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Add functional and decorative space with open shelves in small columns in an industrial style. You'll have more room on the counter and be able to see your inventory more efficiently.

Additionally, to make the most of all the available space, you may build open shelves in alcoves or install cookers and cabinets into empty fireplaces to pair with your preferred stove backsplash designs.

Full-height cabinetry is another available alternative. It adds storage space and creates a stylish look that separates your kitchen from the rest of the open floor plan.


Keep It Bright

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When you have a small kitchen with a high ceiling, a beautiful statement light fixture may make a big impact. However, if your kitchen has a conventional ceiling, LED puck lights are the way to go.

If your home has few or small windows, you may want to think about glazing the ceiling or installing roof lights. Keep tall cabinets and free-standing freezers away from windows so as not to obstruct natural light from coming in.

Alternatively, you can stick to an all-white color scheme and spice things up with colorful serving utensils or a funky, space-saving pendant lamp.


Reserve A Small Pantry

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For an affordable and easy custom cabinet solution, put an old bookcase in your kitchen (a cute coat of paint is optional) and fill it with your canned goods, dry products, and perishables. Alternatively, you may knock down the wall and install shallow cabinets between the studs.

You may make your little storage area by mounting some shelves on a wall and fitting some stools under them. When you get home, you'll have easy access to a place for your purse, footwear, and hats and a spot to display the many cake stands you've received as presents.

It is also possible to install a pull-out pantry, which makes use of a squishy nook next to the fridge and conceals the


Compact Galley

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A compact galley is one of the most popular designs for a small kitchen. There are a lot of cabinetry and lighting issues to consider when designing for these long, narrow spaces. It consists of a set of parallel counters.

A galley kitchen is defined by its two parallel walls and single, narrow aisle. A galley kitchen isn't just cheap, though. It is efficient as well. The kitchen appliances, such as the stove, refrigerator, and sink, are often arranged in a single line along one wall in a galley-style kitchen. This should function properly as long as there is enough prep space between work areas.


Invest in Smaller Appliances

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If your kitchen is too cramped to accommodate full-sized appliances, don't despair; a compact kitchen appliance can help unleash your inner culinary genius. Smaller households or those on a tight budget would benefit significantly from these appliances.

All-in-one countertop cookers are the most space-efficient option for those with limited kitchen cabinets and countertops. They're just as effective as regular ovens at cooking food, but they take up much less room, use much less power, and get the job done quickly.


Use Glass

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One of the most attractive qualities of glass is the way it reflects light, making any given area appear brighter and more open than it actually is. Glass makes for a more contemporary appearance when utilized for kitchen and bathroom countertops and backsplashes.

Putting in glass-paneled cabinets is a simple way to make your kitchen feel bigger and more open while eliminating dust accumulation. Additionally, it's an excellent spot to store items that you know will be difficult to locate in the other storage cabinets.

Additionally, glass and reflective decor pieces, such as pots and pendant lights, will assist reflect light about the space. These reflective elements will increase brightness and give the area more depth.



Never let a small space stand in the way of creating a lovely and unique kitchen. There are some kitchen layouts that are more suited for compact rooms, as well as several tricks for making a tiny kitchen appear larger. With the ones we've provided here, we hope you'll be inspired to renovate your small kitchen efficiently and affordably.

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