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New Home vs Renovation: Which is More Favorable?


Renovate or build a new house? There are probably a lot of people who have questions like this. Whether to have a new house or renovate the whole house requires consideration because the costs incurred are certainly not small. Renovating a house is not only thought of because of the damage in the house, but also the outdated design style of the house. Keeping up with the times or changing the atmosphere of the house is something that homeowners think about.


While building a new house will completely change the whole house from the floor plan to the architectural form. Of course, which one is better will depend on the needs of the homeowner himself. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is not easy to determine which one is better, but here are some things you need to know to make it easier for you to make a decision between a new house or renovation.

1. What are the main things you need in your home


When deciding whether to renovate your home or build a new one, it's important to consider what you need in your home and what kind of home you want. Look at the current house and see various things that you don't like in the house so you want to make changes.

Needs will also be a benchmark for the home you need. Home design for a family with children will certainly be different from the home of a husband and wife who live alone. The need for new space or changing the function of space is a consideration in renovating or designing new buildings. If the house cannot be renovated due to lack of area or inadequate structure to add floor levels, then a new house needs to be built.

2. Calculation of budget expenses in terms of house construction to unexpected costs


Indeed, the most crucial thing in renovating or rebuilding a house is the cost. This cost is not just the construction cost of the house, but also the cost of land acquisition, development regulations, and other things such as the cost of living in rented housing during the construction of the house from scratch. While during renovation, you can still live in the house because the rebuilding can be done in stages for each area.

Is remodeling cheaper than building a house from scratch?


The answer is not necessarily. All of these things can be cheaper or more expensive depending on how far the renovation or design of the new house is made. Materials used in housing such as recycled materials or luxurious materials will affect expenses but also the selling value of the house later. Another way to save money is to design an eco-friendly home that doesn't require a lot of money to use and maintain, thus reducing your daily expenses. If you are not going to live in this house for the rest of your life, it is better to consider the selling price in the future.

3. Creating an environmentally friendly home


As discussed in the second point, environmentally friendly housing is also a consideration, how green your current and future buildings will be. By building a new house, the choice of designing an environmentally friendly house will be greater. Designing a house with a green roof, using solar panels, or utilizing natural energy will be easier to implement in new buildings. Homes on land will also be more efficient and have a positive impact on the environment.

However, remodeling does not mean that the house cannot be environmentally friendly. Of course, you can still take this approach, it's just that there will be more limited things that can be changed because the structure of the house is already installed. Of course, the design of eco-friendly elements must adjust to the existing structure.

4. Time required in house construction or renovation


The time from reconstruction to finishing is something that must be considered because it will have an impact on daily life. Both remodeling and rebuilding have different timelines. For remodeling, it can take a month or two depending on the project. Of course, some of the work can hamper daily activities and make you feel uncomfortable. Such as the noise or water shut-off when remodeling the bathroom, etc.


Meanwhile, the time required to build a new house will certainly be longer than renovation. It will usually take about six months from initial construction to finishing. By using a module structure, the time required will be less than a custom design. But it goes back to what kind of house you want so it can take longer or faster. The choice of contractor will also affect the performance of the house. If the construction takes a long time, it could be that the cost of renting a house will be greater later and spend your savings.

5. Time to live in current residential house



How long you'll be living in the house is also a factor in choosing whether to renovate or remodel. If you don't plan to live in the house for a long period of time, remodeling is certainly enough. Fix a few things that are missing to make the house more comfortable. Not to mention if you are already planning to go to a new house, so the house you live in now is certainly not your lifelong home.

As for those of you who have thought far to live in the house forever, of course there is the thought of building a better house. With a variety of new things, the house to be built is more in line with current trends and your lifestyle. Not to mention that a newly built house also has a higher selling value later.

The various things above are certainly a consideration factor for renovating or building a new house. Choose wisely!

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