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The Dos and Don'ts of Selling Your Property Fast


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The real estate market is one of the fastest-evolving markets. Selling a new home is always a learning experience as you explore the world of local real estate markets, mortgages, housing zones, area codes, and the art of negotiation. Whether you are ready to purchase your Indianapolis property right away or only trying to understand the market, the process of buying and selling a home can be a whirlwind! Selling your home can be an emotionally challenging and surprisingly time-consuming process. It can almost feel like an invasion when potential buyers, who are strangers to you, come and openly poke around your home. To top it all off, it can be especially frustrating if they offer you less money than it's worth. In this article, we are going to explore some of the top dos and don'ts involved in the process of selling your home so that the process becomes a breeze for you.


Do's and Don'ts While Selling Your Home:

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  • Do set an offer due date: Strategically positioning your property so that the right buyers can see and explore it can set it up for selling fast. The key is to place the property on the market with a slightly lower-than-expected value but not accept bids right away. It can hold up to approximately 7 to 10 days, during which you can show it in groups or organize open houses to maximize your money. It can show you who is serious about purchasing your property and is able to come up with the most lucrative bid rather than who makes the first offer. You can also check whether it is an all-cash offer and if it includes a flexible timeline. This exercise can maintain your home's price and keep only the honest and most interested buyers.
  • Don't try to make a hard sell: You should not stick around the whole process while your realtor is trying to show your property to a potential buyer. Of course, nobody knows your property better than you, but buyers might find it hard to critically examine your property before buying it or discuss things frankly with their real estate agent if you are listening in all the time.
  • Do provide easy showing access: Don't make any aspect of the selling process hard on potential buyers. You can make your home ready for showing by decluttering and keeping it presentable so that it instantly looks appealing to potential buyers. It should also be made available to the agents and buyers for as much time as possible. You can also take care of some extra convenient things like easy parking access to push your listing to the top.
  • Don't spend big money on improvements: As a general rule of thumb, always look for quadruple times market gain to justify home improvements before selling. For instance, if you are spending $2000 to upgrade your kitchen, you should expect to gain $8000 after selling. Realtors often come across people who are compelled to price their homes at a higher rate compared to their competition in the same area due to recent spending on renovations. So always think about the cost overruns and the whole headache of dealing with home improvement processes if you are considering listing your home for sale later.
  • Do what's best in the current real estate market: Your realtor will have a strategy for the sale of your home based on the current market trends. To get top dollar value on your property, it can mean anything from hosting multiple open houses to even showcasing it as a pocket listing. The trick is to always adjust your strategies to fit the demand and preferences.
  • Don't wait until spring: Don't hold off your property until the traditional home-selling season of spring. Although spring is still considered to be the heaviest time for selling your home, nowadays people are buying homes 365 days a year. Make the best of your home's seasonal amenities irrespective of the season you are selling it off.


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Selling a home can be an emotional process as you get ready to move to a different space for whatever reason. As you re-educate yourself about all the processes with new market trends and regulations, the process always gets easier with a reputable real estate company. When you enlist the help of an experienced realtor, you can take his advice to get your home ready. Always note that sometimes expensive construction projects fail to bring you a big return when you sell them. In such a scenario, the above-mentioned small changes and words of advice from your trusted realtor can increase the sale price. Follow the above dos and don'ts and prepare yourself better for putting your property on the market.

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