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Tips to Prevent Stuffy Boarding House Rooms


For those of you who are currently living in a boarding house, you certainly wouldn't want the room to become stuffy. Because, of course, it would make the room feel uncomfortable. You would also feel restless if you had to stay inside the room all the time.

Well, here's a solution for you so that your boarding house room doesn't get stuffy or damp easily. Let's see it through to the end!



1. Fan Position

Using a fan can be one of the solutions to deal with a stuffy room and also help remove the hot air inside the space. You can place the fan near the entrance or direct it towards the wall opposite the bed so that the air circulation it produces will be better.


2. Multifunctional Furniture

If the boarding house room you get is empty or the room owner furnishes it minimally, you can buy and use multifunctional furniture to save space.

For example, a divan with pull-out drawers underneath, a wardrobe with a mirror on its door, and also folding chairs if you have a study desk.


3. Use Wall Shelves

Usually, those who live in boarding houses are out-of-town students. And often, these students have many thick books. Using a wall bookshelf is a suitable solution.

Instead of placing the books on the floor or on other shelves that would make the space cramped, it's better to use a wall bookshelf to store those books. You can also add decorations like mini cacti/succulents to make it look more beautiful.


4. Use A Lamp With A Small Watt

This solution is quite effective in reducing and minimizing the stuffiness/dampness in the boarding house room. It's advisable to only use the light during the afternoon or evening as keeping the light on for too long can also make the room hot.


5. Open The Boarding House Room Door

If your room doesn't have a window, you can open the door of your room to improve the air circulation. Regularly opening the door can help reduce the humidity and stuffiness in your room.



A stuffy and humid boarding house room can be very uncomfortable to live in. In addition to the solutions above, you can also purchase items that can regulate the humidity in your room.

Don't forget to try the solutions above, and let us know in the comment section whether the solutions were effective enough in your boarding house room.



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