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Top Features to Look for in Student Apartments in Connecticut

In the competitive world of student apartments, it's essential to know what to look for when choosing a place to call home.

With so many options available to students in Connecticut, one might feel overwhelmed with trying to find their ideal housing. Based on a 2010 report, around 11,726  people lived in college or university student housing in Storrs.

This article will describe six features that suitable Storrs CT apartments should have. If these key elements aren't present, it shouldn't be considered a viable option. 


1. Security 

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First and foremost, an essential quality in an apartment is security. Living with roommates can be fun and exciting but also nerve-racking.

One shouldn't have to worry about their safety or belongings being compromised, so it's pivotal that the building is equipped with cameras for round-the-clock monitoring of all units as well as a secure entrance.


2. Study Space 

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It's essential to get work done in a comfortable and distraction-free environment. Hence, it is essential to have a designated study space in your apartment.

Whether it's an entire room or just a desk in the corner, you should ensure that there's somewhere where you can focus on your schoolwork without interruption.


3. Spacious Living Areas 

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As much as students would like to avoid it, the living room is still often used for socializing.

That being said, having ample space in this area is ideal for when family members are visiting or if your friends want to come over and watch a movie. 

You should ensure they have enough seating to accommodate everyone and preferably someplace for people to put their food and drinks.


4. Storage 

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One of the students' main concerns is finding a place to put all their stuff. It's a good idea to look for Storrs, CT, apartments with plenty of storage space, whether closets, cabinets, or an extra room that can be turned into a closet.

With an abundance of space, you won't have to live out of boxes throughout your stay. According to reports, the monthly rent prices of two-bedroom apartments currently available in Storrs range from $800 to $3,340.


5. Modern Kitchen 

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As important as the bedroom is for rest, the kitchen has a highly integral role in preparing all food. 

You should ensure enough counter space and cupboard space for everything you need to store and that the appliances are up-to-date. Nobody wants to spend their time in college cooking in a cramped and outdated kitchen.


6. Community Events 

A little bit of home is nice to have while living on campus, and the best way to do that is by joining communal events.

For example, some apartment complexes will host end-of-the-year parties for all their residents or organize a yearly beach day where everyone can meet up at the local beach and have a good time. These events are the best way to make friends and create lasting memories.


7. Walking Distance to Campus 

Last but not least, another critical factor to look for when choosing apartments in Storrs is how close it is to campus.

The last thing anyone wants is a long commute every day, so try to find something that's within walking distance or a short bus ride away. 

In conclusion, when looking for a student apartment in Connecticut, be sure to keep these features in mind. If an apartment has all of these qualities, it's worth considering your new home away from home.

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