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The Minimalist and Modernly Designed Apartment in Brazil Creates a Bright and Comfortable Living Space

Antonio Bicudo's Apartment, Located on the Top Floor of this 3-Story Building, Spans an Area of 50 Square Meters. Situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the local architecture firm, vao, redesigned the interior of the residence to create a comfortable space that caters to the owner's needs. Given the limited space, the owner desired a closed-off bedroom for personal privacy. Interestingly, no demolitions were carried out during the renovation, making this project quite unique.

The floor plan before the renovation featured open spaces except for the bathroom area. Visitors could easily see the kitchen and an open bedroom next to the bathroom.

The renovated floor plan involved adding walls to create a closed-off bedroom.

The previously closed kitchen area was transformed into the owner's bedroom. The studio apartment's bedroom, initially in the middle of the residence, was moved to the kitchen area. The central space could then be used as an integrated public area, incorporating a living room, kitchen, and balcony. This central area also received ample light from the windows and balcony. Additionally, the bedroom became more secluded, ensuring the owner's privacy.

The interior design of this residence feels very modern and simple, utilizing white color throughout the space to allow light to reflect in every corner. The combination of white, black, and wooden materials looks harmonious.

Upon entering the residence, visitors are greeted by a wooden storage cabinet with various doors. Each shelf serves different functions, such as storing cleaning utensils with a sink for cleaning. Various other household items are neatly organized within. Uniquely, in the middle, there is an open shelf where the owner can place potted plants as room decorations and a welcoming gesture for guests.

Next, visitors can directly see the relaxation area, featuring wooden benches and comfortable chairs for reading or resting. Its proximity to the balcony ensures the area receives light and fresh air from outside, creating a cozy space for reading.

Right next to the balcony area is the living room, also serving as a family room where residents and guests can enjoy TV shows or engage in friendly conversations. The soft sofa and a small coffee table are placed opposite the TV and bookshelves. The TV's position aligns with the sofa, and the hanging bookshelf on the wall is neatly organized, contrasting with the room's black accents. Adjacent to the bookshelf is the staircase leading to the loft storage area.

Remaining in the central area, it connects to the dining and kitchen areas at the end of the space. The dining area is furnished with a glass table and beautiful wooden chairs. Although the dining area isn't spacious, it comfortably accommodates four people at the dining table.

Directly behind the dining table is the kitchen, equipped with a stove, oven, and a dishwashing area. A medium-sized refrigerator complements the kitchen. An open hanging rack stands out in the kitchen, displaying various kitchen spices and measuring tools. As for other utensils like pots, plates, and more, they are stored in white cabinets and racks beneath the kitchen table.

The bathroom is located after the kitchen, separated by its own wall. The bedroom and the bathroom are connected to the sink area. The bathroom is equipped with a shower area and a seated toilet. The bedroom has a window, ensuring ample lighting within.

Source: archdaily

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