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Dining Room Design Inspirations from Various Countries


Tired of the same old dining room design? Want to try something new? How about experimenting with dining room design ideas inspired by various countries?

Dining room designs can vary significantly based on the culture, architectural style, and aesthetic preferences of different countries around the world. Here are some intriguing dining room design ideas from various countries for you to consider.


1. Italian Style

Italian dining room design typically embraces a classic and elegant style. A large dining table with intricate carvings and comfortable chairs is its hallmark. Materials such as marble, dark wood, and luxurious fabrics are often found in Italian dining room designs.


2. Japanese Style

Japanese-style dining room design is typically more minimalist and emphasizes functionality and cleanliness. Unlike dining room designs from other countries, Japan has a distinctive feature of low dining tables known as "chabudai." The natural impression and use of wood as the primary material can evoke a sense of tranquility.


3. Chinese Style

Chinese dining rooms typically maintain a traditional design even in this modern age. This includes the use of wooden tables and chairs adorned with carvings and decorations. Motifs and the color red are commonly employed.


4. France Style

French-style dining room designs often blend elegance with a touch of casualness. Beautiful dining tables paired with upholstered chairs can create a luxurious impression. Soft lighting and decorations like wall ornaments or large mirrors have become its distinctive features.


5. Moroccan Style

Dining rooms with Moroccan design typically exude a rich array of colors and ornamentation. Dining tables and chairs featuring intricate carvings, along with textiles adorned with ethnic patterns, are their hallmark. Soft lighting and wall decorations contribute to a luxurious atmosphere.


6. Gaya Scandinavian

Scandinavian-style dining room design emphasizes simplicity and functionality. Minimalist dining tables and comfortable chairs are often utilized. Neutral colors and natural wood create a bright and warm atmosphere.


7. English Style

English-style dining room design carries a traditional impression with wooden dining tables and fabric-upholstered chairs. Typically, there are classical elements such as chandeliers or wall decorations in this English-style dining room design.


8. Mexican Style

Dining rooms in Mexico often feature lively and colorful designs. Dining tables and chairs with rustic or classic styles are commonly used in this design. In this style, the use of colorful ceramics and handcrafted decorations provides a distinct Mexican touch.



Every country surely has a unique perspective on dining room design, reflecting different cultural values and aesthetics. From the luxury of Italy to the simplicity of Scandinavia, you can choose and bring these designs to life according to your preferences.

Did the design inspirations above help those of you who are feeling bored and unsure about your home dining spaces? Write in the comments section!


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