Having a comfortable room is a must because sometimes, the room serves as a sanctuary from the outside world. Achieving a comfortable room can begin by applying aesthetic room decor. However, many people hesitate due to the assumption of a high budget for decorating. Shh... There's no need to worry about emptying your wallet because Rukita has some low-budget room decoration tips!

1. Room Decoration with Photo Collage

One room decoration idea is to decorate your room using a photo collage. You can stick personal photos of yourself with family, friends, best friends, or your significant other, arranged aesthetically to adorn the walls of your room.

You don't need to add any other ornaments to make your room beautiful. Just with a photo collage, you can enjoy the beauty of your comfortable room and reminisce about the memories associated with each photo every day. Hmm... Nice idea!

2. Paint your bedroom walls with the color brown.

One of the simple yet attractive aesthetic room paint colors is brown, it's all about adjusting the spectrum of shades. You can use a darker brown paint for the walls and simple wooden furniture. For example, create a wooden crate bed frame and add classic wall decorations like framed pictures. You can also add some wall decorations, but try not to make it too busy to maintain the simple classic ambiance. Even more classic, if you use wooden panels to cover the floor.

3. Add contemporary decorative lighting with trendy lamps.

For fans of Korean culture, you must be familiar with the Korean drama-inspired room, right? Korean-style rooms often utilize natural lighting during the day to make them look beautiful and warm. At night, you can add some lighting elements like decorative table lamps to further enhance your room's aesthetics. Install decorative lamps on the walls or ceiling of your room in a pattern. Choose lamp colors that are easy on the eyes. Not only do these decorative lights make the room look aesthetic, but they also work great as bedside lamps.

Besides being easy to find, lights like these won't break the bank because they are affordable and readily available in stores or markets around us.

4. Creating Art in Your Room with Masking Tape

Feeling bored with your plain walls, especially when the color seems monotonous? You don't need to spend a lot of money to repaint your room to get a fresh look and feel. Try using washi tape or similar adhesive tapes to decorate your room and make it more appealing. There are plenty of ways to decorate your room on a low budget, as you can utilize items already around you, so you won't need to spend extra money to decorate your room.

5. Room Decoration with Ornamental Plants

For all you plant lovers out there, here's another idea to decorate your room in a minimalist and budget-friendly way, utilizing items you already have. Decorating your room with ornamental plants is perfect if you have white walls and ample sunlight. To start creating a forest-themed room decor, begin by selecting the plants you want to place in your room. Opt for plants that are low-maintenance and can adapt to the lighting conditions of your space. Use interior decor in monochrome colors, such as photo frames, bedside lamps, and bedspreads in black, gray, and white. Don't forget to add a touch of warmth by incorporating wooden accents into your decor.

6. Add Aesthetic Mirrors

You can also get creative with various fun decorations in your room. One essential item that should never be missed in a room is an aesthetic mirror! It's time to explore various cool mirror options, from tabletop mirrors to standing mirrors that can be used for OOTD photos! After all, a mirror is one of the essential items in a room, isn't it?

So, are you feeling inspired by the aesthetic room designs above? I bet you're eager to start realizing and decorating your dream room. Let's create an aesthetic room that reflects your personality and fits your budget. I hope this article is helpful, and happy decorating! :)


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