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Tips for Building a Traditional Style House


Living in the urban areas with high population density can increase stress and cause prolonged discomfort. That's why many city dwellers spend their time vacationing in nature. The reason is certainly to calm the mind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

On the other hand, a traditionally themed house can actually be an answer to these problems. Traditional houses are synonymous with authenticity and tend to blend with nature. Even when located in the midst of the city with limited land size, we can still create a traditional atmosphere in the house.


1. Provide a garden area in front of the house

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Traditional houses are synonymous with extensive front yards.

In addition to providing a traditional atmosphere to the residence, the presence of a garden can also make the residence feel fresh, filter out polluted air, and prevent heat from entering the house.

However, you don't need to insist on having this yard if your house is on limited land.

Simply provide a place to store ornamental plants in front of the house if your house is small.


2. Use a sloping roof

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Sloping roofs are quite synonymous with traditional house designs. Not without reason, the use of sloping roofs with wide eaves serves to prevent direct heat from outside entering the house. The higher the roof and the higher the floor-to-roof distance, the cooler the house will be. However, don't forget to consider cost and visual aspects. To enhance the traditional impression, consider using clay tiles for the roof.


3. Adorned with wooden pillars

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One way to create a traditional atmosphere is by using wooden pillars.

These wooden pillars are commonly found in traditional Indonesian houses, such as the traditional houses of the Baduy or Batak Karo tribes.


4. Ornaments on doors and furniture

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One notable difference between traditional-style house designs and the currently trending minimalist house designs is the level of detail.

While minimalist houses prioritize minimal ornamentation in their design, traditional style houses do the opposite. The more details and ornaments used, the more traditional the house will look. These ornaments can be applied to door openings, windows, furniture, ceilings, and so on. Try to choose uniform ornament types to avoid a cluttered house design.


5. Install a fish pond in the house

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Address the void in the house by building a fish pond in that area.

Having a fish pond in the house not only makes the atmosphere fresher but also brings a traditional touch to the residence.

If you intend to build a fish pond, make sure to take good care of the fish and the pond.


6. Use warm-colored lights

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To create a warm atmosphere often found in traditional homes, you can also use warm white lights. Because it allows you to make the room feel warmer, warm white lights can be placed in areas with good air circulation, such as gardens, terraces, balconies, and living rooms.


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