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Tips for Decorating a Living Room to Make Inhabitants Feel Comfortable for Extended Periods


Having a not-so-large living room is not a problem when it comes to designing a comfortable space for family gatherings. Various tricks can be employed to manipulate the perception of space within it. When decorating the room, it's important to consider a design that suits the personalities of all family members. Design the living room so that all its occupants feel comfortable in it with these tips.

Provide Comfortable Elements Inside

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Even if you have a small or cramped space, introducing comfortable elements like a sofa or a soft carpet can be a great choice. If you opt for a sofa, choose one that doesn't take up too much space. Alternatively, creating a cozy sitting area with floor cushions can also be comfortable inside the room, especially with a soft carpet. Prioritize comfort when designing your family room at home.


Choose White as the Base Color

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Using white for the walls or floors will help brighten up the entire family room. In addition to providing brightness, this color also creates a sense of spaciousness in the room. You can add some colorful accents to make it the focal point of the space. For example, you can incorporate colorful furniture, such as a colorful coffee table, or hang colorful paintings on the walls.


Multifunctional Furniture in the Room

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Choosing multifunctional furniture for a not-so-large family room can be one of the decorating tips. For example, a bookshelf that also serves as a TV stand or a display area for various decorations. The use of a sofa bed is also a favorite in family rooms because it can be used for seating or as a comfortable place to lie down while watching TV. Ottoman tables, which are soft seats with a flat top that can be used as a table when not needed for seating, are also a practical choice.


Pay Attention to Scale Between Items in the Room

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All the items placed in the room should consider the room's size. If you have a large sofa, pair it with a coffee table that fits comfortably in between the seats. Avoid choosing decorations that are too small for the space, as they can create a cluttered look if placed randomly in the room.


Lighting Selection for the Room

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Using ceiling or wall-mounted lights can save space compared to table and floor lamps. Aside from space-saving considerations, ceiling-mounted lights are also safer since floor and tall lamps are more susceptible to being bumped into and broken. This can pose a hazard to family members or young children playing in the family room.


For Family Rooms with Windows, Add Curtains

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Curtains on windows are essential to create a sense of privacy in the room. However, it's not just about curtains; it's a good idea to choose bright-colored fabric. Bright colors provide a clean and spacious look to the room. Also, place the curtain rod higher on the wall than the window itself. Hanging curtains in this way can create the illusion of higher ceilings and more space in the room.


Utilize Large Patterned Carpets

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Using a carpet in the room serves not only to enhance the aesthetics of the family room but also to provide warmth and create the illusion of a larger space. Carpets with large patterns can give the impression of a more expansive floor, making the room appear wider. Choose a color that highlights the pattern and reflects light within the room.


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