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Open Space Transformed into a Family Room Enchanted


The family room is a space greatly needed by every family member, a place to relax and bond with children, spouses, and our extended family, a space that can store many memories between us and our loved ones.

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An Open Space Transformed into a Family Room

Well... here we will enhance that best impression to be even more special by adding the concept of an open space as the main topic.

Huh... open space? Isn't it hot? Dusty?

Here, we bring out the concept of open space in the garden located behind the house or in the middle of the house, maximizing the use of open space to create its own comfort, bringing out the positive aura of nature that can be a reflection for our bodies, especially if we add some of our favorite plants or flowers like roses, jasmine, lavender, and so on. The natural aroma will refresh our minds and bodies, reduce stress, and spark a new hobby of caring for our favorite plants.

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This concept doesn't only emphasize green open spaces...

Not all open spaces are solely about greenery or plants; we can also introduce this open space concept with a more contemporary minimalist touch. It's suitable to be considered as a decoration choice for your family room!

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The minimalist touch used provides a unique impression to its users, creating a sense of spaciousness with mini sofas in soft colors, less is more and simple. It brings a comfortable, simple, and warmer atmosphere with family members.

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The next concept creates a Gothic atmosphere to satisfy those who prefer this Gothic concept, providing a peaceful and nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of the 80s. Accompanied by a fireplace as a room heater, but it's just a property, as we are in a tropical country with quite a hot climate, unless you live in the Western regions where it's cold, then it could be very useful for warming up the room.

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Using dominant brown colors and wall textures that resemble neatly arranged natural stones, combined with furniture featuring artistic carvings and classic-themed room decorations, can also be incorporated into this concept.

So, what do you think? Isn't it pleasant to have an open space that can be transformed into a comfortable family room for you and your beloved family to share new hobbies about space arrangement? We will feature explanations of the next family room concepts, so stay tuned...

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